Q: What is the optimal number of cars for my facility?

A: IBC International recommends 16 cars for 6,500 square feet of useable ice, which equates to roughly one zone on a hockey rink. An IBC International sales representative is always happy to help determine the ideal number of cars for your application. 

Q: Are the cars hard to maintain?

A: No, the cars have been designed with the end user in mind. Each component that could fail is easy to trouble shoot and an untrained mechanic can easily replace any component.

Q: How do I get replacement parts for the ice bumper cars?

A: IBC International includes a spare parts bundle with each order so that any issue can be quickly fixed. Should you ever need more parts, you can easily reorder them from IBC International.

Q: Do I need permits to operate the cars?

A: Permitting requirements are specific to each location. It is the responsibility of the operating facility to obtain necessary permitting to operate the cars.