Who We Are

At IBC International, we understand exactly what it takes to own and operate ice bumper cars. How do we know this? The short answer: years of experience. Our founder, Mike Farny, is an employee at the Howelsen Ice Arena in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. When he first started his job, the rink had some old amusement park bumper cars that had been beaten up, rarely maintained, and labeled as trash. Mike, being a stubborn tinkerer, made it his mission to resurrect the bumper cars. He restored 12 cars and was surprised at how much enjoyment the cars brought families and visitors. After two years of endless maintenance, Mike decided that it was time to update the fleet. Over the course of 2017, Mike traveled around the world and found the highest quality parts to build his new cars. Similar to most new products, Mike's  first generation of ice bumper cars were not perfect, but even then, the customers absolutely loved them.

Mike bumper car.jpg

From the time customers first sat in Mike's new ice bumper cars, he knew he had developed a car that could benefit rinks across the country by bringing them a substantial revenue source and provide guests a unique, fun, and interactive experience. As of 2018, IBC International has cars in 8 states across the country. Through ingenuity and design refinement, the IBC International team has brought manufacturing and assembly to the United States where all cars are assembled by hand, in Colorado, to ensure the highest quality product. This gives us confidence that the cars produced by IBC International are the safest, simplest, most fun and comfortable ice bumper cars on the market today.

On top of that, we believe that we have customer service that is second to none. We are a small family business comprised of Mike and his two sons. When you make a purchase from us, our first priority is your success and we will help you implement our system to facilitate immediate success at your location. We are passionate about sharing ice bumper cars with you because we have seen first hand what an incredible experience customers receive from our cars and we want to help you provide this unique experience for your friends, customers, and communities. We look forward to you joining our Ice Bumper Car family!